Kirsten & Lars

In the spring of 2010 we both took a break from our current careers and went on an extended holiday to re-evaluate our career choices and rethink our plans for the future. Inspired by other Buy One Give One companies we contemplated building a business based on that model. With a genuine love for eyewear, the idea of creating Karmoie hit us. As we understood the full scope of lack of access to refractive correction, we felt more passionately than ever that donating eyeglasses is a significant contribution towards a better tomorrow. The concept of style, quality and a deeper social meaning, all interconnected gave us the purpose and motivation we were seeking. We love the idea of treating ourselves to something beautiful and at the same time gifting someone else with something that will have a positive impact on his or her life. We feel strongly that the things we surround ourselves with should make us feel good on not just one, but on several levels. This is what drives us to create beautiful, uncompromising eyewear while also contributing in a committed and conscientious way towards helping people in need.