Karmoie has chosen to partner with the fantastic team at Eyejusters to donate corrective glasses. A huge challenge in parts of the developing world is the lack of access to trained optometrists. Eyejusters was created by a team of engineers seeking to improve on the existing technology of adjustable lenses. Their efforts have created the Eyejusters; adjustable glasses based on SlideLens technology. With simple guidance anyone can adjust their own glasses to fit their individual needs, without an optometrists present. We have drawn a little overview of how the Eyejusters work. They are a truly brilliant invention. We cannot begin to explain them in a way that does the innovation justice. To learn more, please visit

By purchasing a pair of Karmoie frames you will donate a pair of Eyejusters to a person in need. Imagine what a life altering contribution! Along with every pair you will find a card with a unique donation number, so you can stay involved and follow up on your contribution. You can also register for our newsletter to stay up to speed with Karmoie’s efforts both in creating new collections and helping people all over the world regain their sight.